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See the latest Ukulele podcasts at our YouTube Channel - HERE

21.40 | Ono | aNueNue | Beau Hannam | Kimo Ukulele | Kanile'a

“Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera on a beautiful Ono 18” Scale Tenor & the aNueNue MN214 Moon Bird Nylon Travel Guitar

21.39 | Great Ukes under $1k & two-chord Jams

2 Chords Jams | Dm7-Em7 Jam Kala KA-PX-EBT-T Ebony Tenor & KA-PX-MACA-T Macawood Tenor

21.38 | Pono | Ko'olau | Cornerstone | Ken Franklin | Guitars & Ukes w Kalei & Corey

Corey Fujimoto & Kalei Gamiao Play Intro of “Endless Road” by Tommy Emmanuel

21.37 | Petros Ukulele | Scott Carlson | Blackbird & More! Kalei Gamiao | Corey Fujimoto

“Feel Good” on the aNueNue LS500 Guitar & UT200 Tenor

21.36 | Custom Kanile'a | I'iwi & More Awesome Ukes w Corey Fujimoto & Kalei Gamiao

I’iwi Tenor & Kanile’a Custom-T | Corey and Kalei jam “Back Pocket” by Vulfpeck

21.35 | Ian O'Sullivan

"Every artist should have a good instrument" | Guava Jam w/ Ian’s Paul Sheridan Guitar

21.34 | Kala'e Camarillo & Mika Kane "E Pili Mai"

Aloha! Here's one of the songs from the second member concert I just put up with Kala'e and Mika, hope you enjoy.

21.33 | Neal Chin | Kalei Gamiao | Corey Fujimoto

Night Bird | Hangin’ w Neal

21.32 | Guitarras Romero | KoAloha in All Sizes & more w Corey Fujimoto & Kalei Gamiao

“Air” (Part of) Guitarras Romero - España German Moon Spruce Indian Rosewood

21.31 | Andrew Molina & Andrew Hoyt

KoAloha Sceptre - “Sir Duke” Andrew Hoyt | Pigeon Tree Tenor - Andrew Molina | Ko’olau T100 - Kalei Gamiao

21.30 | Funkin' w the Finest | The Ukulele Review

Ko’olau Koa - “Wait for the Moment” Vulfpeck

21.29 | Kanile'a | Romero Creations | Rebel

Kanile’a Maoli No & DS-TP - “The Way You Make Me Feel”

21.28 | Ko'olau/Pono Ukulele

Ko’olau CS-O - Everybody wants to rule the world Ko’olau Single O Spruce Koa Guitar.

21.6 | NUE | Tenor | Baritone | U-Bass

NUE - Nā 'Ukulele 'Ekolu, Bryan Tolentino, Kama Hopkins, and Halehaku Seabury.

21.5 |Moore Bettah Sweet Leilani

Corey Fujimoto and Mika Kane show a one-of-a-kind custom tenor from the legendary luthier on the Big Island, Chuck Moore.

21.4 | I'iwi Petros Romero & More!

0:00​ Intro 0:28​ Pepe Romero Custom Guilele Spruce Cypress 18:51​ Corey sort of teaches “boom chick” 34:45​ Pepe Romero Custom Guilele Spruce Walnut 53:39​ Pepe Romero Baby Baritone Set on Romero Creations Grand Tenor Mango 57:48​ Maintaining Proper Humidity 1:15:06​ Send Us Video ? 4 Podcast 1:16:56​ Pepe Romero Baby Baritone Set on Romero Creations STC Mango

21.3 | Kanile'a Customs | New KoAloha | Kala | aNueNue

0:00​ Hello! 0:06​ Intro the Mai Nā Kūpuna Mai 2:00​ "Europa" Corey on Mai Nā Kūpuna Mai -Kalei on 2021 Platinum 6:43​ Review Sound Sample on 2021 Platinum w Kalei (https://theukulelesite.com/kanile-a-k...​) 18:30​ Steven Espaniola Signature Kanile’a 23:36​ Duet on 2 Kanile’a Customs 26:29​ Corey on Mai Nā Kūpuna Mai 28:03​ Kalei on Mai Nā Kūpuna Mai 31:24​ Joe shares his Mai Nā Kūpuna Mai 43:37​ New version KoAloha Imaikalani 45:10​ New version KoAloha Slimline Tenor 48:32​ Comparing Kala STG & SMHT 58:00​ aNueNue Koa Top Traveler Guitar 1:12:23​ aNueNue AMM3 Solid Mahogany Tenor 1:16:50​ Autumn Leaves samba on aNueNue 1:20:26​ Sampling a new aNueNue acoustic/electric bass Look out for all these ukes to hit the website over the next few days. Aloha!

21.2 | I'iwi Petros Romero & More!

0:00​ Intro 0:48​ Duet w 2 I’iwi 8:43​ Kalei demos I’iwi Spruce Mahogany Tenor 11:03​ Coffee Tweed Oahu Hard Case 12:23​ Corey reviews I’iwi soprano 1879 15:44​ Corey samples I’iwi soprano 1879 19:07​ New Oahu Pro Gig Bags 25:46​ PETROS! 28:39​ Jam on 2 Petros Baritones 40:17​ Kalei on Petros Baritone #70 47:02​ Kalei on Petros Baritone #69 49:55​ Corey on Petros Baritone #70 52:05​ Corey on Petros Baritone #69 53:57​ Jam on Petros Tunnel 13 Tenor #63 & Bari #69 57:46​ Petros Tunnel 13 Tenor #63 1:13:32​ Romero Creations DH6S Steel String Guilele 1:21:31​ Romero Creations B6S Steel String Guilele 1:29:06​ Jam out on 2 aNueNue Moon Bird Tenor & AMM2 Concert

21.1 | Pono Acacia Series w Kalei & Mika

0:00 Duet on Soprano AS and ASD 2:07 Mika shows the AS Acacia Soprano 2:57 AS Sound sample 4:30 Kalei shows the ASD Acacia Soprano Deluxe 5:40 ASD Sound Sample 8:39 Duet on Concert AC & ACD 11:41 Kalei shows the AC Acacia Concert 12:21 AC Sound Sample 14:12 Mika shows the ACD Acacia Concert Deluxe 14:52 ACD Sound Sample 17:22 AC vs ACD 18:29 Duet w Tenor AT & ATD 22:19 Mika shows AT acacia tenor 23:39 AT Sound Sample 24:52 Kalei shows the ATD Acacia Tenor Deluxe 26:28 ATD Sound Sample 28:18 Kalei talks about strings 30:17 ATD w Ko’olau Aho Low G Strings Sound Sample 31:56 Duet w Tenor Pro Classics AT-PC & ATSH-PC 36:41 Mika shows ATSH-PC Acacia Tenor Slothead 38:57 ATSH-PC SOund Sample 40:23 Kalei shows the AT-PC 42:59 AT-PC Sound Sample 45:34 Duet w ATD-SP & ATDC-SP 48:51 Kalei shows the ATDC Acacia Tenor Deluxe Cutaway Spruce Top 50:39 ATDC-SP Sound Sample 54:01 Mika shows the ATD-SP 55:49 ATD-SP Sound Sample 57:34 Duet w Baritone AB & ABD 1:06:14 Mika shows the AB Acacia Baritone 1:07:59 AB Sound Sample 1:10:19 Kalei shows ABD Acacia Baritone Deluxe 1:10:55 ABD Sound Sample 1:13:39 Duet w AB-PC & ABSH-SP 1:16:57 AB-PC w Kalei 1:19:40 ABSH-SP w Aho High D Set

20.33 | Kalei, Joel, Mika, Corey

The team gets together one last time in 2020 to have fun and make some music with great ukes.

20.32 | Herb, Mika, Corey & some Killer Ukes!

0:00 Silent Night w Corey on Kanile’a GL-6 and Mika on Kanile’a K-1 B NAT 3:56 Hilo Hula w Herb, Mika, & Corey Herb tries 3 Kamaka Tenor w his signature Worth Low G set. 8:49 Kamaka Herb Ohta Hr. bell-shaped tenor 10:10 Kamaka HF-3Di w Herb signature Worth Low G Set 15:01 Kamaka HF-3DSi w Herb signature Worth Low G Set 20:33 Kamaka HF-3Di w regular Kamaka Set 24:42 Herb tries new Pigeon Tree Spruce Ziricote 29:37 Herb tries the aNueNue custom Lion model 44:04 Herb samples the Kamaka Concert we’re going to raffle dec 26 for those that had purchased the Christmas Concert at our website. 52:56 Flea Blues w Herb, Mika, & Corey Comparing Kanile’a Tenors 59:54 Gloss Tenor vs Satin Tenor 1:07:28 5 String Tenor vs 5 String Super Tenor 19 vs 4 string Super tenor 19 1:17:11 Mika samples new Pigeon Tree 1:22:48 Corey samples new Pigeon Tree 1:28:10 Corey samples Ko’olau Walnut CE-1 1:37:56 Mika samples Ko’olau Koa CE-1 gloss

20.31 | Herb Ohta Jr (Talk Story Session)

We get the treat of talking with Herb Ohta Jr.!

20.30 | w Kalei, Corey, & Mika

Kalei joins again while we sample some fantastic new ukes. We start off with some of the deluxe Kamaka models, then sample the KoAloha 25 year Pineapple, a new I'iwi tenor, and finally give some time to an incredible new custom tenor from Petros.

20.29 | Ko'olau Kala, KoAloha, & Kanile'a

0:00 Intro 0:19 Ko’olau Spruce Koa CS-O 6:24 Ko’olau T-100 Koa Slothead 11:41 Corey & Mika Duet on Ko’olau “Feliz Navidad/ I wanna wish…” 14:56 Kala Ziricote Tenor KA-PX-ZCT-T 19:09 Kala Ziricote Concert KA-PX-ZCT-C 22:48 Kala Ebony Concert KA-PX-EBY-C 28:32 Kala Ebony Tenor KA-PX-EBY-T 30:07 Jam 33:21 Kala Macawood Tenor KA-PX-MACA-T 36:28 Kala Macawood Concert KA-PX-MACA-C 42:03 KoAloha Opio Concert 45:57 KoAloha Opio Tenor 48:45 Jammin’ Hawaiian 52:31 Pono ATSHC(C)PC 54:31 Pono MT(S)PC 57:21 Kanile’a K-1 ST 5 19” 1:01:14 Kanile’a K-1 ST 19” 1:04:04 Kanile’a GL6P 1:10:00 Corey teaches harmonics technique 1:18:26 K-1 Tenor DLX 1:19:56 K-3 Concert 1:24:03 ISL-Soprano 1:25:26 HNS-Soprano

20.28 | NUE (Nā ‘Ukulele ‘Ekolu)

NUE (Nā ‘Ukulele ‘Ekolu) is Bryan Tolentino on tenor ‘ukulele, Halehaku Seabury on baritone ‘ukulele, and Kama Hopkins on ‘ukulele bass.
These three Nā Hōkū Hanohano award winners, rooted in Hawai’i’s rich ‘ukulele and Hawaiian music culture, come together to showcase their ‘ukulele artistry and vocal harmonies creating a unique sound!

0:00 Last night in the Heart of Paradise
4:22 Kaloaloa
8:00 Red Sails in the Sunset
13:18 Ulupalakua
17:38 The Legend of Lehua
20:50 Talk
57:25 ʻUkulele Player
1:00:10 Hula O Makee
1:05:05 Maile Swing

20.27 Concert String Shootout w 8 Kamaka HF-2

Samples w Mika

0:52 Kamaka Strings 3:03 Aquila Strings 5:11 Blackline Medium 7:38 Worth BM 10:08 Worth CM 12:53 Uke Logic Soft Tension 15:37 Pepe Romero US1 18:38 Ko’olau Aho Concert All Plain

Samples w Corey

21:13 Kamaka Strings 24:11 Aquila Strings 31:13 Blackline Medium 34:44 Worth BM 38:58 Worth CM 43:13 Uke Logic Soft Tension 47:05 Pepe Romero US1 50:08 Ko’olau Aho Concert All Plain

53:22 Duet "Hi'ilawe" Corey w Ko’olau Aho Strings | Mika w Uke Logic Soft Tension

58:56 Back to Back Comparisons

20.26 New Pono w Mika & Corey

0:00 “River Flows in You” Corey on ABD-6 Cedar Top Guilele Pro Classic & Mika on ETSH(C)-PC Cedar Top Macassar Ebony Tenor

3:15 Corey reviews new ABD-6 Baritone size Guilele

6:38 Mika reviews ETSH Pro Classic Tenor

10:18 Mika reviews Pono RTSH Pro Classic Tenor

14:44 Corey shows the new 00 Cedar Rosewood 12 fret to body slotted headstock guitar

21:34 Duet “Wahine Ilikea”

24:03 Mika demos the 8 string deluxe mango tenor

27:25 00 Spruce Acacia 14 fret to body guitar

36:56 New TE Models in blue & red stain (Chambered body tenor electric)

45:10 New mango deluxe BE (Chambered body baritone electric)


20.24 Robi Kahakalau & Kala'e Camarillo

Robi and Kala'e are two of Hawaii's most wonderful and extremely talented musicians, so this was a great time. We dig into Sistah Robi's adventurous life & illustrious musical career with Hawaiian Style Band and other legendary musicians. Joining us again, the multi-instrument, singer-songwriter, & music teacher, Kala'e Camarillo, showcasing a unique and beautiful Hawaiian duo. Mike Love jumps into the conversation in the 2nd half too :) I had some technical issues on this one but Robi and Kala'e are so good it hardly matters. Recording these sessions is a work in progress. Mahalo for watching, sharing, & supporting.


20.23 Kala'e Camarillo | Mika Kane | Corey Fujimoto

In this episode Kala'e plays his parlor Pono guitar. Mika plays a silver series KoAloha tenor, and Corey plays a Tyde that will go up for auction soon. We are the new distributors for Pono Guitars and have a large coming with them in all sizes. So look out for those at the end of year!


20.22 Ko'olau | I'iwi | Tyde | Corey Fujimoto | Mika Kane

Nothing like new custom tenors from Noa and Ryan at Ko'olau Ukulele. Luckily, we're located right next to them so we get a good portion of the incredible instruments they make. After a pair of Ko'olau the boys show off two I'iwi. Charlie Fukuba creates these top of the line customs and has been for the last 25 years. So Corey shows the 25 year anniversary model in Koa and Mika samples one of the best sopranos ever. We end this episode with a listen to a superb baritone from the creative builders at Tyde Ukulele.


20.21 Ben Hudson | Alika Lyman | Corey Fujimoto

Original songs from Ben were "Babygirl" Up Up Up" and "Dancing With You". Ben is working with us now! So exciting. He's such a fun, happy, talented guy, and a hard worker. Alika is playing the new Pono bass you can find here. These are really a lot of fun and super easy to play! Not easy to play like Alika, but easy to have fun and lay down some rhythm. Check them out.


20.20 Bryan Tolentino & Asa K. Young

2nd time on the podcast for the wise and talented Bryan Tolentino. (Gotta check out the one with him and Hale too!) First time for one of the coolest musicians I know, Asa Young. Together we talk story and learn some truths.


20.19 Rama & son Kala'e Camarillo

We start this one off with a duet "How Deep is Your Love" from Kala'e Camarillo & Mika Kane. The Camarillo ohana has been crucial for over 50 years in teaching the keiki of Hawai'i ukulele. It was great having these two talents, Rama & his son Kala'e, share music with you guys on fathers day.


20.18 | 6 Low G Strings | Pepe Customs | I'iwi Anniversary +

Intro Pachelbel's Canon duet on two new I'iwi customs. Mika plays the 25 year anniversary Bearclaw Spruce Spalted Koa tenor and Corey play a Torrefied Spruce Koa. Corey samples 6 different low G options.

3:46 First w High G    6:14 Smoothwound .030.     8:30 Thomastik Infeld Flatwound .030.     10:00 Uke Logic Fluorocarbon Soft Tension .036.     12:00 Uke Logic Fluorocarbon Hard Tension .042     14:39 Ko'olau Silver Wrap .032      16:56 Aquila Silver Wrap .029

Mika samples low G    17:48 Smoothwound .030      18:29 Flatwound TI .030     19:13 Uke Logic Fluorocarbon Soft Tension .036     19:55 Uke Logic Fluorocarbon Hard Tension .042     20:35 Ko'olau Silver Wrap .032      21:33 Aquila Silver Wrap .029

22:57 Sampling Pono RTSH just now back! 29:12 Sample RTSH w Ko’olau Aho Smoothwound Low G set

30:29 3 Three incredible new customs from Pepe arrived! 43:48 I'iwi 25 yr anniversary model.


20.17 Tavana

All three songs are originals on his upcoming album. The fist is “Sway”, played w a Pono TE-MGB. Then “Ride the Wave” w his Pono Spruce Rosewood OMC. And at the end of the interview Tavana plays “Plastic Island” w his custom Iseman Weissenborn. Aloha!


20.16 Moore Bettah | Ko'olau | Kanile'a

An intimate concert with Mika and Corey sharing their gifts on the beautiful new Moore Bettah, Ko'olau and Kanile'a ukuleles.


20.15 Kapili Kala & Aaron Crowell

The talented Kapili and Aaron Crowell share their musical gifts and share stories of Hawaii life.


20.14 Corey Fujimoto & Mika Kane | Improvising & Collaborating w Ukulele

Corey & Mika give us more great duets and a lot of wonderful tips in this episode. Hope you enjoy! Mahalo for watching and sharing, and share your thoughts in the comments below the video! A hui ho!


20.13 Corey & Mika's Top Ukes from $200-$800 & More

A great intro sets the tone of this episode, in which Mika and Corey explore 8 varied ukuleles.


20.12 Hawaiian Mix Plate w Corey & Mika

An episode dedicated to the makers of these fine instruments! A delicious mix of 6 different ukuleles served up with some serenades all the way from sweet to spicy.


20.11 TUR w/ Mika Kane & Corey Fujimoto

A great episode to relax to, including a hauntingly beautiful intro duet, Corey handling a lovingly crafted Romero and ending with a sonically shining pineapple super-concert!


20.9 String Comparisons w Mika, Kalei, & Corey

The ultimate string comparison episode! We play and compare three different sets of strings on each ukulele so you get to hear all the tonal differences yourself, click through to the YouTube description to find detailed timestamps of favourite ukuleles and compare the different tones the strings make.


20.8 Karlie G

The award-winning Karlie G shares her gift of a voice and casts a spell on the studio with her original songs “Mine”, “Night Ride” and “95”.


20.7 New KoAlana, Blackbird & More

A great hang out episode with some real shows of skill, including an unexpected exhibition of ukulele funk on a high G! Who knew!?


20.6 Pigeon Tree

A wonderful journey through the different Pigeon Tree models, finishing with a duet with the boys.


20.5 Ko'olau Kanile'a Kala Rebel w/ Corey & Kalei

Mika and Corey are back sharing their gifts through a series of fine Kanile’a, Kala’s custom models and a fine desert of instrumentals on the new Rebel Pluto model.


20.4 w/ Corey, Kalei, & Joel

Corey has an accident, Joel joins the chat, Corey goes even more wild on the ukulele along with the fine talents of Kalei.


20.3 New Ukes w/ Brittni, Corey, & Kalei

Brittni, Corey, & Kalei look over and play some beautiful models, Kalei shows off a technique which seems like pure magic 44 minutes in.


20.2 Hapa Ukulele

ʻĀina, a young and gifted ukulele builder from Oahu shares his magnificent sounding sunburst ukulele and tells the story of Hapa ukulele.


19.52 Mika Kane, Neal Chin, Brittni Paiva, Kalei Gamiao, Corey Fujimoto

Packed w talent this week for the 2019 finale. We try some special ukes and have some fun like always. Mahalo so much for all your support. Happy New Year!


19.51 Schertler Acoustic Amps w Aaron, Kalei, & Corey!

We get together with Aaron to try 3 new fantastic Schertler acoustic amplifiers.


19.50 Brittni Paiva, Kalei Gamiao, & Corey Fujimoto!

This week Brittni Paiva joined Kalei Gamiao, Corey Fujimoto, and Andrew for a fun session trying some of the world's best ukes. A great collaboration at the end too. Hope you enjoy. Aloha!


19.49 Uke Logic Strings with Kalei, Corey, & Joel

Kalai, Corey and Joel try out a mix of new strings, what makes the best sound?!


19.48 David Ingalls with Ono Ukulele

An episode for those interested in Ukulele construction! We sit down with David from Ono Ukulele to discuss his newest ukes and building techniques. Corey and Kalei give them a spin.


19.47 Kimo Hussey & Aaron Crowell

Kimo Hussey, a master player and educator, shares his heartfelt music and ukulele secrets along with the highly talented Aaron Crowell.


19.46 Joe, Kristen, & Kaimana Souza

The family that make the great Kanile’a ukulele company come in to chat and share their stories including their efforts to preserve the beautiful nature of Hawaii


19.45 Steve Grimes

The master-craftsman behind the Custom Grimes ukuleles: The great Steve Grimes joins us in the studio to talk ukulele life and what the ukulele community in the 70’s was like.


19.44 Romero Creations

An adventure around the new Romero Creations models, even a fantastic pineapple shaped 6-string baritone


19.43 Brittni Paiva & Baritone Strings

Great news released on this one. One of our favourite players has just joined the team! On this episode, we talk with Brittni and then about halfway through, Brittni, Kalei, and then Corey try out different and new baritone string sets on Pono ABD, acacia baritone deluxe models. The Uke Logic fluorocarbon sets will be up at the website soon. Likely the baritone option you'd love most. Toward the end, Brittni tries Pono's larger baritones. The first one is the Pono UL4N-3, Mango UL baritone, and then the Pono BN4-1 Acacia baritone. Mahalo and Aloha!


19.42 GEAR!

Aaron, Kalei, Corey & Andrew go over some amps, cables, pedals, and then try some of a new string line, Uke Logic. Hope you enjoy.


19.41 Interview with Aaron Crowell

This was from last week before the episode where Aaron sampled the 9 customs. Sorry everyone's cameras but Aarons turn off there in the middle for a while. Just a chat with a long time friend and some tips thrown in. Hope you enjoy. Aloha!


19.40 Ko'olau Ukulele with Kalei Gamiao & Corey Fujimoto

Join as we explore our range of Ko'olau ukuleles


19.39 9 Custom Tenors with Aaron Crowell

Aaron returns for a journey through nine custom crafted tenors


19.38 Bryan Tolentino & Halehaku Seabury

Kind of a long one, but what can I cut!? It was a real conversation and Bryan and Hale have true wisdom, tribute and storytelling, lots to share and we loved it. We also had the wonderful Cynthia Lin sit in on this discussion! Mahalo to these artists for freely sharing with the community.


19.37 Cynthia Lin

The charming teacher and performer Cynthia Lin joins us in the studio, shares her sunshine spirit and set of joyful sing-alongs songs!


19.36 New Models from KoAloha, Kala, & I'iwi

A great episode with some shimmering sounding ukes, the boys return with three wonderful instruments to play with


19.35 Ukulele Ergonomics with Craig Chee & Sarah Maisel

A super episode with two wonderfully friendly icons of the ukulele scene, come with us for some tips, technique, and plenty fun w/ some of our favorite folks.


19.34 Billy on Ukulele Setup & Corey Kalei Duo

A knowledge-filled episode wrapped up in a bow of great music, this week we decided to focus on the setup team and interview one of our luthiers, Billy Dominick. Also, Corey and Kalei play a few songs as they create the set for their Asian tour. They do a killer Beatles Medley that starts at 12:36.


19.33 Kanile'a Ukulele

The gang talk shop through an exploration through the glorious Kanile’a models .


19.31 Moore Bettah "The Waterman's Hale" + KoAloha Red Labels

Some really special instruments in this one, including the KoAloha red label and the majestic “Moore Bettah: The Watermans Hale” model.


19.30 The Ukulele Review

Joel, Corey and Andrew join together to have a play on some Kala Cedar top tenors, a beautiful Tyde “Camphora” and look at the latest in tuning tech.


19.29 Petros Ukulele

Always the best day when a new Petros comes in, the faberge egg of ukuleles that sound even better than they look


19.28 Jake Peters & Manley Ukulele

Jake Peters, creator of Manley ukuleles, an amazing teacher, an inspiring mentor, a singer song-writer, an incredible musician and gifted luthier comes to shares his music and stories in the studio.


19.27 Kala

The men of manufacturing magic behind the Kala brand come in and share their insight into making the internationally known ukulele brand.


19.26 Abe Deshotel

Abe (ah-bay) is an ukulele teacher/performer and hosts his own podcast- Abe's Ukulele Podcast.


19.25 Craig & Sarah

The wonderful songwriting and performing duo Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel come in to share their music and Aloha spirit in the studio


19.24 The Ukulele Review

This is the first of three podcasts we did the other night. Coming soon with an interview and performances from Craig Chee and Sarah Maisel, and after w Abe Deshotel, an ukulele teacher and podcaster. So check back in soon for those. In this one we go over a similar Leolani to what we showed last week but in mango. There was a lot of questions about this system so I thought we could cover it again and go over some of what we've learned about it. We do have these units coming in separately for resale or install as well. And we'll have the cedar top ones back in a few weeks. Check the site as we'll be listing these mango models picture specific. Mahalo for tuning in and for your support. Aloha!


19.23 Victor Jofre with Asonu Tahitian Ukulele feat Paulina Olguin

Trailer for the documentary "Uke Way" from Andreas Garcas & Victor Jofre at 27:23. Original unreleased music by Paulina Olguin aka Pauli. First song “un dia” second at the end “mi naturaleza” at 1:01:10. Victor and Pauli are visiting us from Chile and just brought us 25 new ukes! Victor builds in the classic Tahitian style and beyond with his own hybridization. Check around the site for these new ukes going up and let us know with any questions. Aloha and mahalo for your support.


19.22 Rad New Ukes! -Beau Hannam- Pops- Leolani

First we go over a new Leolani with the new Double pickup which allows you to use effects through your instrument without the need of external amplification. Then we go over a custom Pineapple Sunday by Pops with amazing pyrography from Dino. Pyrography is a wood burning art (this is not painted). After that we look at the Pops Pineapple Sunday made at the Rebel and Opio factory. Lastly we give our first impressions of the Beau Hannam fret less custom tenor. All of these are getting listed in the next few days at our website. Mahalo!


19.21 Anya & Kalei The Ukulele Review

2nd podcast this week because I wanted to catch Anya before she moves. Anya's performances, City of Stars, Only Hope, You and I, & Riptide. Beyond that, we cover some of the same things we did on the last one that I thought could be done better. Kalei reviews new Pigeon Tree ukes and they compare High and Low G on aNueNue. Mahalo for subscribing and supporting us. Aloha!


19.19 What's up with Uke

8:30 Zach teaches a Jack Johnson style strum 32:27 Kalei shares a left-hand exercise 43:22 Joel shows how to widen or lower a nut slot with limited tools 54:00 Corey teaches a harmonics run


19.18 Ukulele Review with Rebel Particles, Pono Baris, New Kala, & Tutorials with Tobias Elof

Got back from a trip yesterday and met up with Corey and Tobi after they closed the store in Kaka'ako. Had to squeeze in one last podcast with my friend & colleague, Tobias Elof. Late night session so we had to mix in some jams but we covered a lot more. Hope you find it useful and enjoyable!


19.17 Jams & Tutorials with Tobias & Corey, + Kalei's High D Baritone

Jam - Old Town Road - 7:20 Teaching that 16:47 - Tobias goes over his history and styles with ukulele along with tips and exercises. 23:02 Dub strum and beat - Jam 29:44 Kalei’s High D set for Baritone 41:38 Kalei plays “Looking through the eyes of love” 46:11 Discussing Bach’s take on the character of different keys 48:59 Tobias plays Bach Cello Suite No.1 in G Major, Prélude 58:12 Corey shows the variety of songs in C-F-G7 and then playing the 1-4-5 in various keys. 1:01:55 Incorporating scales. What modes are (touch on that). 1:08:31 Jam out


19.16 Uke Talk & Playing Tips w/ Neal Chin + Tobias, Kalei, & Corey

Kind of a long one but I'll put timestamps below for you to jump around if you want. 2:16 - Interview w Neal Chin (& checking out his new Black Label KoAloha) 26:28 - Fingerstyle w Neal Chin 39:17 - Campanella lesson w Tobias Elof + alternate chord shapes 49:45 Working with tone w Kalei Gamiao +arranging chord melodies 1:15:30 Exercises w Corey (sheet music download here- http://www.theukulelereview.com/wp-co... ) Video demo of this song at the link above with other sheet music. 1:48:39 4 different styles of Mary had a little lamb 1:51:05 Corey plays Hisaishi songs on Redwood/Ebony DL Noble Custom tenor. 1:56:15 one by Kimura we have written out here- http://www.theukulelereview.com/wp-co... 1:59:20 Jam out.


19.15 The Ukulele Review: Paul Okami with KoAloha

Paul heads KoAloha Ukulele production as well as their custom shop. Today we check out a new Black Label custom and get Paul's thoughts on all kinds of uke related topics. Kalei Gamiao, Corey Fujimoto, and Tobias Elof give us some sound samples including a comparison of the Black Label, regular Koa tenor, and Opio acacia tenor.


19.14 The Ukulele Review: Tyler with TYDE MUSIC + Zoë & Tobias

We got to sit down last night w/ the crew and Tyler from Tyde music located near Lake Tahoe. We try out three of their instruments and two of those will be going up at the site. At the end we get a gorgeous performance from Zoë Bestel & Tobias Elof. Thanks for tuning in. We'll be back next week. Aloha!


19.13 The Ukulele Review: Saddle Shootout

This week we're trying the same instrument with 6 different saddle materials. Tusq, Nubone, Bone, Plastic, Rosewood, Ebony. Let us know your thoughts and what other comparisons you're interested in. I'll try to make a short clip comparing these back to back in the same song and put it up here soon too. Thanks for watching, subscribing, sharing, and supporting us by letting us help you find the right uke and gear to inspire you musically. Aloha!


19.12 The Ukulele Review: String "Action"

This week we're joined by Anya who works at the Haleiwa location and Tobias and Zoë again, performance at the end. So Anya plays "la vie en rose" (she played an original too I'll put up separately here) and Zoë and Tobias do "smile". This week we tried just focusing on one topic and covering as much as possible on action, or string height. Thanks for tuning in. Let us know what you'd like to see or hear about next time. Aloha!


19.11 The Ukulele Review: Capos Tuners Cases + New Kala & Kanile'a

Another get together with Tobias, Zoë, Kalei, Corey, and Joel. Discussion includes: 1. Ukulele Capos 2. Clip on Tuners 3. Ukulele cases 4. 6 new models from Kala 5. Comparing the new Kanile'a OHA-T to their K-1 T Nat


19.10 The Ukulele Review: FAQ's Part 1 Electric Pineapple String Talk- Strap Button Install- Zoë

Part 1 of a series discussing common questions in ukulele world. With Tobias Elof & Zoë Bestel 1. How did you get good at playing? 2. How does the Pineapple shape compare to the regular shape? 3.Electronics. Does a pickup affect acoustic tone? What's the difference in passive and active? Which is best? 4. What's the deal with wound strings? 5. Strap button? Get one? Get two? 6. What's the best ukulele? Demo of Joel installing strap buttons. Zoë Bestel "Spiders"


19.9 The Ukulele Review: High G Low G Nylon Fluorocarbon Strings

Late night session goofing around and trying some different string sets on a few koa tenors from the Island. The ukes and strings used here can be found at our website https://theukulelesite.com ..maybe, and just listing the Kanile'a now and the Ko'olau Aho set we need to make more of...soon. Anyway, mahalo and aloha!


19.8 The Ukulele Review: Testing Tenors & Dropping Cases + Zoë Bestel & Tobias Elof

Be warned! Ukulele abuse within! This episode starts off with a test to see how much force these ukuleles can deal with! The first uke we threw is the Kala Waterman. We carry a number of these and the Ukedelics at our two locations on Oahu. Then we did some back to back comparisons of 10 tenors in the 4-800 dollar range. 4 spruce tops, 3 acacia, and 3 mahogany. First samples by Tobias Elof and then Kalei Gamiao. After that we threw 3 Oahu cases off of the storage racks. The Islander uke was really in there. The Moore Bettah at the end was not actually in the case but Kalei had the idea and I thought it would be fun. Movie magic. Not really haha. But then we get a real treat with Zoë playing an original song called "Gumusservi"!


19.7 The Ukulele Review Vlog: Comparing Tone Woods on Pono Tenors w/Corey Fujimoto & Tobias Elof

We've done comparisons like this before but we figure its good to keep doing things like this. Each piece of wood has its own cellular structure and each instrument is unique, but this is just another data point for you. These are the same size (tenor) brand (Pono) strings (Ko'olau Alohi wound 3rd) and are played by two excellent players (Corey Fujimoto & Tobias Elof) playing the same songs in the same position with the same mics. Afterward, they get together with Zach and Joel and discuss. At the end Tobias shows how he plays the melody of this Swedish Waltz we recorded here, he does it slow and we catch close ups for those that would like to try it.


19.6 The Ukulele Review Vlog: Tobias Elof & Zoë Bestel

Tobias Elof & Zoë Bestel come into the studio and share their beautiful music.


19.5 The Ukulele Review Vlog: 3 Soprano 4 Concerts & A bunch of Tenors

We just grabbed some of the instruments in the room there for a comparison. We'll keep doing this kind of stuff. Mixing up various instruments for your comparison.


19.4 The Ukulele Review Vlog: Uke at NAMM 2019 Part 3 Booth Interviews & Sound Samples

Our adventures and booth interviews exploring NAMM 2019!


19.3 The Ukulele Review Vlog: Uke at NAMM 2019 - Part 2 Performances & Previews

A wonderful video exploring new ukes and some wonderful performances from the icons of the ukulele world! Will be posting full performances and booth interviews individually from here on. Many more artists not mentioned here will be coming as well. Mahalo for watching!


19.2 The Ukulele Review Vlog: Uke at NAMM 2019 - Part 1

So we have a lot to share from this NAMM. Here is the first part of it. Mahalo for tuning in. Aloha!


19.1 The Ukulele Review Vlog

Mostly rambling and talking over each other. But there's some cool ukes in there too.


#31 The Ukulele Review- 5 Ukulele Pickups Compared

These ukulele pickups are offered for install when you buy a use on this site! Demo on the mahogany tenor Pono MT. If you want to just hear the 5 compared for tone with the volume on the amp adjusted to be somewhat even you can skip ahead to @24:45. In the first comparison we didn't adjust the volume so you can hear gain level differences they naturally come with but it's pretty hard to judge tone especially on the passive ones with them being so low. In the second demo we go over adjustments and EQ. Hope this is helpful. Yes, I should adjust the EQ coming out of my face while I'm at it and see you next time. Subscribe and stay in touch. Mahalo!


#30 The Ukulele Review - Brad Bordessa

Brad Bordessa has been playing and teaching the ʻukulele professionally for over a decade and comes into the studio to share his songs and techniques. We even sell Brads wonderful chord book here on the site. Search for “ukulele chord shapes” to find it.


#28 The Ukulele Review- Sean Tiwanak - 5 String Tenors, The Taco Method & More!

This one features a fun new member of team, Sean T, with Corey backing him up. Sean plays his custom Black Label 5 string KoALoha tenor, a Kala ATP-CTG-5 5 string tenor, and a Kanile'a Willie K 5 string. Corey is playing a Kamaka HF-3L.


#26 The Ukulele Review- Tahitian Ukulele and "Uke Way" w/ Victor Jofre

We first featured Victor Jofre, maker of Asonu Ukulele, on our channel here a few years back, maybe longer. We've been selling his ukes up at our store in Haleiwa and sometimes online here. Recently we got another 18 of these killer Tahitian 8 strings and now the hybrid 4 string as well as another new cool shape from we'll put at the site soon. Lots of cool stuff from Asonu. Stay tuned for more news when Andreas Garces completes this movie "Uke Way". We helped them record Jack Johnson last week and will catch an interview with Jake and they caught a number of other musicians and footage here. This film will be super cool!


#25 The Ukulele Review- KoAloha Mangoes, New Seagull Ukes, Opio Pono Acacia Compare

Got together with the guys for a bit after work to look at new models and compare ukes.


#24.5 The Ukulele Review- Ukulele at NAMM 18 (NAMM Podcast 3) Kala Booth Neal Chin Pepe Romero Tyde & More

The third podcast from NAM 2018. A huge plethora of content! This podcast has different makers featured and artists as well. Here's the timeline if you want to skip ahead: 0:57 - Kala Interview 8:44 - Pepe Romero on Signature Romero Creations Mini Guitar 12:04 Neal Chin (Original from Spotless Mind Album) w Milo Fultz on Ohana Bass 16:07 Interview w Casey Kamaka 20:07 Pepe Romero samples Pepe Romero Jr custom TT guilele 23:48 Interview and sound samples with Tyde Ukulele 36:00 Neal Chin live at Hapas 40:36 Karlie G live at Hapas


#24 The Ukulele Review- Ukulele @ NAMM 18 (NAMM Podcast 2) Takumi- Seagull & More

We hang out with Daniel Ho and check out some custom Seagull ukuleles!


#23 The Ukulele Review- Ukulele @ NAMM 18 (NAMM Podcast 1)

So we did three podcast over at NAMM and I guess I thought I was gonna upload them each night, but you know, there was just too much to do and fun to have! It was already past midnight when we did this and the other two podcasts. So better late than never I guess. I'll be uploading these over the next week. At our channel here I've been uploading some of the booth interviews and artist performances so check those out and much more to show you from this years show. Aloha!


#22 The Ukulele Review- Luthiers for a Cause - 6 Custom Ukulele Makers - Sound Samples and Discussion

This is a charity project from some of the finest ukulele makers. They each built a custom tenor out of the same amazing woods and we will be auctioning them off for a non-profit, Ukulele Kids Club, who provides ukuleles and music therapy to kids dealing with major medical problems. This fund raising is all arranged and done through the organisation, Luthiers for a Cause. Featured ukuleles and interview with Kevin Beddoe of Kinnard Ukes, legendary guitar maker Steve Grimes, Jay Lichty, Beau Hannam, Jake Maclay, and Joji Yoshida. From the east coast to Japan, these are some of the best uke builders out there. Apply competent giving us dry sound samples to enjoy, we start with Kimo Hussey, then Corey Fujimoto, and end with Kalei Gamio.


#21 The Ukulele Review- Podcast Jams! String Comparing with Thomas Streng

Impromptu session with a new friend from Germany, Thomas Streng. The camera was shutting off for some of the conversation so I cut it out but you can hear more of it at The Ukulele Review Podcast at iTunes or at soundcloud


#20 The Ukulele Review- Ron Kualaau & Zanuck Lindsey

Ron and Zanuck play a few songs from their new album and then Zanuck shares some thoughts for growing as an ukulele player.


The Ukulele Review Podcast - Pat Megowan Ukuleles

Corey texted me from the store today saying this guy Pat Megowan brought by two tenors he built and they sound great! So I told him to bring Pat down to our workshop so we can sample them. So that's what we did and I get to know him here and get to experience these very special custom tenor ukes along with you. Oh I should mention because we were doing true sound samples there is no compression so try listen on good headphones or speakers to best hear the tones. Hopefully we see a lot more of Pat's instruments. Enjoy!!


Abe Lagrimas Jr Interview & Acoustic Ukulele Recording

We didn't plan this interview but Abe happened to stop by today and I was ready to take a break for an hour and record some tunes and have this chat with one of my favorite musicians and close friends. Hope you enjoy. Oh by the way, the video cut out for a little bit of the interview. but you can listen to the full interview at our soundcloud or itunes podcast- the ukulele review.


#19B The Ukulele Review Podcast- Joe Souza of Kanile'a - Hawaii Reforestation Project -

This is a talk we had with Kanile'a owner Joe Souza, from our Podcast -"The Ukulele Review" on iTunes or Soundcloud.


#14 The Ukulele Review Podcast- Ukulele Maker Pete Howlett -

Enjoy our talk with this UK ukulele builder, Pete Howlett.


#13 The Ukulele Review Podcast- Tobias Elof -

Tobias is an awesome uke player from Denmark. He’s the only person I know of that actually majored in ukulele at his university. And as you can hear, he graduated with honors. He’s a fun and fantastic musician playing all kinds of folk styles and now is creating his own style of meditational music with the ukulele. We pick his brains and get a number of recordings from his last release which is awesome!Mahalo for watching!


#12 The Ukulele Review- "DIY Uke Setup"

If you want to learn how to do some setup work yourself this will help! We also have a thorough setup video on our process that we do to all ukes we ship out here. Our podcast "The Ukulele Review" is fairly new but we've been trying to do one each week and have other episodes covering various uke topics and featuring different builders and players.


#11 The Ukulele Review Podcast- Improvising on Ukulele w/ Kalei Gamiao

We decided to film this podcast to give an optional look at what Kalei is doing as he shows us a few ways to jump into improvising or soloing with your ukulele. Hope you enjoy!