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AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo)

AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo)
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AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo) AUCTION: Moore Bettah "Moonlight Paddle" Custom Tenor (#2119 Ulu/ Milo)
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AUCTION: New Moore Bettah Custom Tenor

This is an extremely rare and incredible masterpiece from renowned Big Island luthier Chuck Moore. It’s made with the most exceptional Hawaiian tone woods and features gorgeous inlays. More on that later. First, take a listen as Corey and Kalei review and sample this one-of-a-kind custom tenor.

This Moore Bettah is exquisite in tone and feel. As far as the looks, there's a lot to enjoy and admire. Let’s start with the inlay. 

The scene ”Moonlight Paddle” was created with faux ivory (scrimshawed), recon stone, gold mother-of-pearl,  acrylic, dyed boxwood burl, and koa. The body of the wahine is done with scrimshaw. This is a pointillistic form of art that Chuck does with a blade and thousands of little dots and scratches that he fills in. This gives the depth and realism you can't get with typical inlay styles. It's an ancient form of art that is super rare nowadays and Chuck does it amazingly! 

The soundboard is ulu wood (breadfruit tree) soundboard. The density of ulu wood sits in between spruce and mahogany, sharing both the power and warmth of these popular tonewoods. Equally hard to find and extra glorious is the back and sides.

Milo (mee-low) has been highly valued for many years here in Hawaii. To the ancient Hawaiians, it was the most valuable wood and used for furniture, paddles, and bowls. Milo was used by the Kings more than any other tree. This dazzling Hawaiian wood is now in VERY limited supply and has the most wonderful deep tones you could wish for in a stringed instrument. This cut of milo is among the most beautiful we've seen and shows clearly why it was the most prized Hawaiian wood for many years. The sound of these woods together on this custom Moore Bettah is inspiring to the ears. 

Other features include koa binding all over including a koa bound side soundport and curved koa end graft and heel cap. Dyed boxwood burl was used for the rosette, fret markers, as well as a few palm trees at the 10th-12th frets in koa and dyed boxwood burl. The tuners are geared 4:1 ratio classic styled pegheds. 

This is a very lightweight custom tenor ukulele with a powerful yet warm balanced tone. It has incredible sustain and accurate intonation all over the neck. On top of that, it has the best feel you can imagine. Chuck does a world-class setup and this ukulele has low action without buzzing along with a carbon-fiber rod in the neck to ensure it maintains that perfect feel. Having an ukulele this easy to play, with this wonderful of a sound, is very special. Add in the original art and you have a real treasure.

Chuck is a solo builder and works by hand, no computer aided design, laser cutting machine or outside sourcing. On top of that, nobody builds like Chuck Moore. He's in a class of his own and this instrument is the culmination of the many years he has pursued this art and lutherie. If you're inspired by the ultimate in ukulele, we give this our top recommendations. 

Includes Oahu leather-covered hardshell case, humidifier, and free shipping.

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Good luck and aloha!

More Information
  • Model:  4 string tenor #2119
  • Size:  Tenor
  • Body materials:  Ulu top, Milo B&S
  • Bracing: Top, Sitka spruce, 3 fan pattern.  Back, Honduran mahogany
  • Binding: Curly Koa
  • Purfling: Bk/Green/Bk
  • Neck:  Spanish cedar (carbon fiber reinforced)
  • Head stock design: Standard
  • Side sound port: Upper bout
  • Fret board:  Ebony, bound
  • Fretboard Markers: Boxwood burl
  • Bridge: Ebony
  • Inlay:”Moonlight Paddle”- Faux ivory (scrimshawed), Recon stone, Gold MOP,  Acrylic, Dyed boxwood burl ,Koa
  • Rosette:  Dyed boxwood burl
  • Nut & saddle:  Tusq
  • Tuners: Pegheds
  • Strings:  MBU set- Low G, flatwound basses, fluorocarbon trebles
  • Finish:  Glossy nitrocellulose lacquer


Includes an Oahu Deluxe Leather Covered Fiberglass Hard Case.


Chuck includes a number of accesories including the Planter Waves humidifier. If you live in a dry or cold area we will also include the Oasis OH-32 for the most effective care.

Other Options (Many found in the essential accessories above)
Another option is to switch your string set or change from low G tuning to high G. Just add the strings you want and choose the restring option at the string listing. 

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Add a pickup install so you can play through an amplifier at the pickup installation listing under accessories.

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Brand Moore Bettah
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-Saddle Adjustment: The height of the saddle is lowered to reduce the distance between the strings and the fretboard, making it easier to play than the factory setup, especially higher up the fretboard.

-Nut Slot Adjustment: The depth, width, and angle of the nut slots are adjusted to create a more comfortable playing experience especially on the lower frets.

-Fret Dressing: After adjusting the nut and saddle heights, high spots in the fretboard or uneven frets will potentially cause fret buzz, dead spots, or other unwanted problems. The frets are filed to create a more consistent level across the fretboard. We then crown the frets to return their rounded curvature back to the top of each fret creating a clear contact point for each string. We then smooth and polish the frets and condition the fingerboard to bring them back to new condition.

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Friction Tuner Upgrade (friction tuners only): We offer upgrade options for select instruments with friction tuners to be retrofitted with new geared tuners for better precision and comfort when tuning.

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