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Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57)

Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57)
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Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57) Kanile'a Koa Tenor (Platinum 2021-57)
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Kanile'a Koa Tenor Platinum 2021-57

2021 Platinum Limited Edition Tenor

Continuing the tradition of innovation, we are proud to present the all-new 2021 Platinum Limited Edition Tenor.  Unlike any other ‘ukulele you have ever seen, this instrument is truly a masterpiece to look at as well as to play.  Diving right into what makes this so unique, we present the TRU-Relief body.  A Tenor body that is thicker in the “3 corners” than a normal tenor, but has a taper at the lower bass bout which thins the body out for an unbelievably comfortable playing experience.  The edge of the instrument under your arm melts away and fits right into your arms.  This allows you to forget about holding the instrument and focus on what matters… playing.

Stemming from the 2020 Platinum, the off-centered soundhole has really struck a chord and is here to stay.  The 2021 model boasts a new unconventional sound hole patterning still in combination with a side port.  Paying respects to what drives us, Koa.  You can find Koa leaves in the shape of the soundhole and side port, as well as inlaid on the fretboard, head-plate, and for the first time ever, inlaid on the bridge.  Having unconventional sound holes allows for the soundboard to vibrate and give off the most wonderful tones.  But also provides challenges in accessing the interior of the body for things like pickup installations or bracing repair.  Joe and Kahiau thought long and hard about how to alleviate this and have designed the first-ever magnetic back access panel.  The access panel is hardly visible and that is thanks to the careful engineering to ensure that the radius of the back is followed with a bracing piece as part of the access panel.   And what we have to mention that you don’t see is the brand new TRU-R V3 Bracing system.  Redesigned AGAIN, there are new supports in key areas to balance the weight to stability ratio, as well as a new mass reduction system which we etched away certain areas of the interior of the soundboard to let the Koa do its thing.

Hours of engineering went into designing the new TRU-Relief Body, TRU-R V3 Bracing, Mass Reduction system, and the Access Panel.  So not only is this ‘ukulele aesthetically pleasing, it has the science, technology, engineering, and math to back up the structural aspect too.  The 2021 Platinum has been in prototyping since March of 2020 and we are extremely excited to present it to you now.

Pictures AND Video show the exact ukulele available to you here. The tone is awesome and the woods and design are incredible!

Act quickly because this is a truly special Hawaiian tenor with a tone that will blow you away.

Essential Accessories & Popular Customizations

Materials and Specs:
Kanile`a Original, TRU-Relief Tenor Body 
Master Grade Koa Front, Back, and Sides
TRU Bracing V3
Mass Reduction Interior
Magnetic Back Access Panel
Ebony Radiused Fingerboard, Ebony Bridge, and Ebony Head-Plate
Platinum Crown Slotted Headstock
Gotoh Stealth Gold Tuners with Kanile`a Knobs
Ebony Bridge Pins 
NuBone Nut and Saddle
Gloss Body, Silk Neck Finish
Ebony Side Position Markers 
Curly Koa Headplate Inlay
Curly Koa Leaf Position Markers Inlay on Fingerboard in Koa 
Curly Koa Leaf Inlay on the Bridge
Koa Leaf Sound Hole with Curly Maple Trim 
Koa Leaf Side Sound Port with Maple Trim 
Curly Maple Front and Back Binding
Curly Maple Fretboard Binding
Curly Maple Head-Stock Binding
Curly Maple Back Strip
Curly Maple Tail Strip 
Curly Maple Bevel
Curly Maple Heel Cap

Total Scale Length: 17”/43.18cm

Body Length: 12”/30.48cm
Overall length: 27”/68.58cm
Nut Width: 1.5”/38.05mm
Saddle Width: 2.25”/57.5mm
Lower Bout Width: 9.5”/24.13cm
Upper Bout Width: 6.75”/17.15cm
Lower Bout (Dip) Depth: 2”/5.08cm
Lower Bout (Bottom Right) Depth: 2.625”/6.67cm
Upper Bout Depth: 2.75”/6.99cm

String Spacing
At Nut: G to C = 9.00mm G to A = 28.3mm
At 12th Fret: G to C = 11.69mm G to A = 35.23mm
At Saddle: G to C = 13.94mm G to A = 43.80mm

More Information

This ukulele comes with the Kanile'a custom gig-case.
Much more rugged than the average gigbag, this heavy-duty "gig-case" comes with more padding and reinforcement panels built-in for extra protection and support.
Heavy-duty zippers, backpack straps, two front storage compartments, as well as padded neck support with a velcro strap to secure the neck during travel. The exterior has a multi-layered construction to provide a durable barrier between the instrument and any kind of moisture.

Humidifier (Options at the "Humidifier Options above)

Another option is to add a ukulele humidifier. This is required if you live in a low humidity area or if you use indoor heating/cooling, especially for areas with winter seasons or hot summers. If you are heating the air in your house, the air will become extremely dry.

Regardless of the outside humidity levels, the indoor humidity levels will drop dramatically once the air is heated. The same is true for air conditioning, usually not as drastic of a humidity drop as a heater, but it will remove a significant amount of moisture from the air as well. In either case, it is always a good idea to supplement with a humidifier that you store in the case with the instrument while not in use. This is usually a requirement by Ukulele manufacturers in order to keep the instrument covered under warranty.

In order to humidify the instrument, you will need a case for the humidifier to work properly and you will need to maintain the humidifier by refilling it as needed.

Other Options (Many found in the essential accessories above)

Another option is to switch your string set or change from high G tuning to low G tuning or vice-versa. Just add the strings you want and choose the restring option at the string listing.

After adding this instrument to your shopping cart, you can add extra accessories from the website or from this page. installation of strap button(s) if you like to use a strap.
Add a pickup installation so you can play through an amplifier.
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Setup Options


Current Turnaround Time: Amount of time it takes before shipment-

Full Setup: 10-14 Days

Basic Quality Control: 2-3 Days

BASIC QUALITY CONTROL covers inspecting the instrument for any major defects that would have been missed by the factory and any faults in construction that could potentially damage or limit the functionality of the instrument over time. Any defective instruments are rejected and replaced.  We make sure that each Ukulele meets the basic standard for a brand new instrument and will be ready to play once you receive it. A final cleanup is also included after inspection before packing and shipment.

Full Setup - FREE for all Ukuleles $399 and over / $20.00 for Ukuleles from $300-399 / $30.00 for Ukuleles Under $300


-Overall QC evaluation: To find defects in construction as well as to get an overall view of the instrument and note the areas that need extra attention and adjustment during the setup.

-Saddle Adjustment: The height of the saddle is lowered to reduce the distance between the strings and the fretboard, making it easier to play than the factory setup, especially higher up the fretboard.

-Nut Slot Adjustment: The depth, width, and angle of the nut slots are adjusted to create a more comfortable playing experience especially on the lower frets.

-Fret Dressing: After adjusting the nut and saddle heights, high spots in the fretboard or uneven frets will potentially cause fret buzz, dead spots, or other unwanted problems. The frets are filed to create a more consistent level across the fretboard. We then crown the frets to return their rounded curvature back to the top of each fret creating a clear contact point for each string. We then smooth and polish the frets and condition the fingerboard to bring them back to new condition.

-Final Cleanup: We always do a final overall cleanup of the instrument to make sure it is in new condition and ready to play before it is prepared for shipment.

Rush Setup & Delivery - Additional $50.00
The RUSH SETUP AND DELIVERY service is for customers who would still like to receive everything included in the full setup but on a shorter time frame. One of our setup technicians will work overtime outside of normal business hours to complete the setup within 2-3 days of the order being placed and immediately hand it over to the shipping department for packing and shipment. The $50.00 rush charge is in addition to the cost of the full setup. 

Additional services (see individual product listings to add these services to your order)
Re-stringing: We will replace the factory installed stock string set with a new set of your choosing. Select the “replace stock strings” option when adding your desired string set to the shopping cart.

Strap Button Installation: 1-2 buttons are installed to allow the use of a strap. Color options available. 

Pickup installation: for players who would like the option to play or record with amplification.

Friction Tuner Upgrade (friction tuners only): We offer upgrade options for select instruments with friction tuners to be retrofitted with new geared tuners for better precision and comfort when tuning.

Left-handed Setup: Left-handed setups are also available upon request. Occasionally an additional charge may be added for compensated saddles on select models. 






Shipping Information


For more even more details and FAQ visit our Shipping Page under the Company Info tab at the header menu.

FedEx is our primary shipping carrier, all orders that qualify for free domestic shipping will be sent using FedEx. UPS and DHL can also be chosen as alternative options upon checkout, USPS is only used for smaller accessory orders. 

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NOTE FOR INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS: You may also be required to pay import duties/taxes, this will vary depending on your location and the value of the item(s). To estimate these taxes, you can contact your local customs office. Fedex also offers a helpful estimation tool: https://www.fedex.com/en-us/shipping/international.html

UNITED STATES FISH AND WILDLIFE PERMIT: If your ukulele contains any amount of shell inlay (abalone or pearl) it will require a permit to be shipped internationally. The cost of this permit is $93.00 USD. We will handle the paperwork and file the permit for you, but the cost of all duties and fees are the responsibility of the customer.

SHIPPING COST will vary depending on the size dimensions and weight of the package as well as the destination. To get a quote, use the “Calculate Shipping Cost” link located next to the “Add to Cart button” on each listing.

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ACCESSORY AND CASE ORDERS: While non-instrument orders for cases and accessories do not require the same processing time needed for instruments, they do require time for processing and packing. The typical processing time for accessory/case orders is (1-4 business days) depending on current order volume. 


*If you would like to receive your instrument as soon as possible you can forego the full setup process by selecting the “Basic QC Only” option or by selecting the “Full Setup RUSH” option when adding instruments to your shopping cart. More details are available under the “Setup Options” tab.

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