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Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty)

Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty)
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Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty) Ken Franklin Custom Tenor (Lefty)
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Ken Franklin Custom Tenor lefty

This beautiful instrument was built by Ken Franklin in Ukiah, California. Ken has been building guitars since 1973 casually and then professionally since 2003. His mom had a ukulele from the 1930s and when she passed away he decided to fix it up, and in 2012 decided to start building his own. This is great for the ukulele community because he makes excellent ukes!

Ken had this to say about this instrument,

"Probably not the most creative name I could think of but easily recognizable to those left-handed players who are usually made to turn a right-handed ukulele into a lefty. It has a dedicated left-handed sound port, a left-handed intonated saddle, a left-handed clear pickguard and left-handed position markers. I’ve been using a meandering placement lately for the aluminum markers so the fifth and twelfth fret markers are closer to a left-handed player.

This isn’t just a nod to left-handed players though. Lefty is a robust instrument with a rich, complex voice well suited to fingerstyle play but also much more than adequate when strummed. The redwood top is a major part of this. I have three of these special tops and this is the first ukulele with one. It’s not like other redwood that I’ve used before. It has more density and less tendency to split so it should be very reliable in service. And the tap tone… beauty doesn't begin to describe it. You’ll be carried along on its journey. One of those ukuleles that I’ve made which probably shouldn’t be for sale but then I’m a right-handed player. (I had to string it up backward just to test it out.)

The back, sides and head plates are ebiara, a West African hardwood that isn’t often seen on the market but is not on any endangered lists. It has a nice natural luster and a fairly coarse grain which I find appealing under a penetrating oil finish. The tap tone doesn’t ring like rosewood and it’s not nearly as dense but it’s pleasant like some ebonies. The figure is what some would call ropey with darker streaks. Some even call it red zebrawood and it’s also known as berlinia. The neck is Khaya. Bindings are Macassar ebony, the bridge is African ebony and the fingerboard is Malaysian Blackwood which is also an ebony.

Like other recent builds Lefty has dual bolt-on attachments for the neck. One is inside the body and the other also connects the strap button on the heel.

These are new tuners for me. I’ve always appreciated the quality of the Gotoh 510 tuners with their smooth operation and solid string posts. While they work fine on guitars they are too big for ukuleles in my opinion. So I was very pleased to see these smaller 510s with shorter posts which fit a ukulele nicely. They’re a dream.

The frets are Evo Gold with polished rounded ends. The strings are Worth BT with a GHS Winter Silver wound low G. 

Mika gives us a raw sound sample. 

The design of this tenor is unique with a mini X brace. Ken says this has opened up the warmer tones on his ukes and you can hear that with this acacia tenor. It has a slight 20" radius to the fretboard for easy chording, a top arch with a 30' radius, and the back with an 18' radius. This allows for structural stability with a light build. It's bound in ebony as well as an ebony fretboard that's adorned with aluminum markers. 

Even though this was made with left-handed players in mind, it sounds and plays awesome for a right-handed player as well. It's one of the best sounding ukes to come through and we think you're gonna love it!

Essential Accessories & Popular Customizations

"Lefty" Ken Franklin Materials
P2 Tenor Body w Oval Soundhole
Oval Soundport
Double Sides
Dual bolt-on neck with integrated strap button
Hand carved poplar linings
Redwood top
Ebiara back and sides & headplate
Malaysian blackwood radius (20") fretboard, binding, & 12 hole bridge
Kahya neck
Semi-gloss oil varnish w microcrystalline wax
Clear pickguard
Evo gold frets
Aluminum position markers
Gotoh SGi 510 mini 16:1 geared tuners
Worth BT strings w GHS wound low G
Includes hardshell case

Ken Franklin Tenor
Total Scale Length: 17.25”/43.82cm
Body Length: 11.75”/29.845cm
Overall length: 26”/66.04cm
Nut Width: 1.45”/36.81mm
Saddle Width: 2.14”/54.46mm
Lower Bout Width: 9.25”/23.5cm
Upper Bout Width: 6.75”/17.15cm
Lower Bout Depth: 2.75”/6.99cm
Upper Bout Depth: 2.5”/6.35cm

String Spacing
At Nut: G to C = 9.66mm G to A = 28.63mm
At 12th Fret: G to C = 10.80mm G to A = 33.51mm
At Saddle: G to C = 12.76mm G to A = 37.88mm

More Information

This ukulele includes a hardshell case.

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In order to humidify the instrument, you will need a case for the humidifier to work properly and you will need to maintain the humidifier by refilling it as needed.

Other Options (Many found in the essential accessories above)
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