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Pono Mango Concert Deluxe (MGCD 7868)

Product Review (submitted on April 1, 2015):

For the price the ukulele is pretty nice. But it'll add up quickly if you decide to add stuff to your order.
The sound is very sweet and "airy".

The set up was alright, I think the g and the A strings have a little bit more much tension. Also my request for different strings wasn't acknowledged, but its fine.
The ebony fretboard looks more like rosewood to me, so I don't think that there was much of an upgrade aside from the gloss finish and tuners. The fretboard also doesn't look as wild as it does in the pictures. I can also see a little glue residue at the end of the fretboard

The packaging was excellent.
I ordered the ukulele online so I didn't get to see the uke personally.
When I examined the uke, I found a few cosmetic small dents on the side of the fretboard. I was a little disappointed because I payed for a new uke and expected a new uke but it seemed a little used.

Overall, the ukulele is okay. I don't think that the upgrade is worth +$100.